Post-Conference Regional Meetings

Following the regular ATBH VII conference program, the regional interprofessional networks will be hosting meetings to discuss regional activities. These meetings are open to ATBH VII conference attendees and do not require prior registration. Meetings are scheduled from 1:00pm to 4:00pm; actual running time is at the discretion of the meeting leaders.

Eastern and African Countries Interprofessional Network

It is time to launch the Eastern and African Countries Interprofessional Network. Come prepared to add your commitment and contacts to the growing support to establish a network for interprofessional activists from the Mediterranean to the Pacific beyond the bounds of the existing networks. The meeting will be your chance to forge friendships and extend mutual support spanning far flung continents and cultures. All welcome. Hosted by  Ali Yildirim, Istanbul & De Montfort University, Leicester, and Hugh Barr, London.


Please join us as we address the following agenda:

  • Evaluation of the conference: organization and content
  • What can we bring home and use for inspiration
  • Locally
  • In our own country
  • In NIPNET  / the Nordic countries
  • Final adjustment of NIPNET Conference in Stockholm 2 -3 October 2014
  • AOB


AIPPEN is the Australasian Interprofessional Practice and Education Network. It represents over 400 educators, clinicians and students throughout Australia and New Zealand. The overarching goal of AIPPEN is to promote better health care outcomes and enhance IPE and IPP in Australia and New Zealand by developing a network to promote communication among members. AIPPEN is administrated by a voluntary committee and the AIPPEN website provides a platform for the exchange of information and the dissemination of research ( The AIPPEN meeting at ABTH VII will provide an opportunity for members of AIPPEN and interested guests to meet some members of our steering committee, to hear about three major IPE research projects that have been facilitated on the AIPPEN website recently, to exchange information about key developments across the two countries and of course to start planning for the 2018 Auckland conference.


The American Interprofessional Health Collaborative transcends professional and organizational boundaries in the US to transform learning, policies, practices, and scholarship toward an improved system of health professions education, health, and health care delivery. Please join in an open conversation with the AIHC Board of Directors to learn about and engage in our growing array of initiatives, including specific activities conducted in collaboration with the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education.


The purpose of the meeting will be to help participants understand how CAIPE has developed over the years and the struggles required to overcome difficulties, ensuring sustainability, and independence. The interactive discussion will include how we react to major organisational changes and evidence of the need for such IPE Networks.


Amongst the items on the agenda are: validation of the consensus on the European Charter for IPE, a book on best practices of interprofessional practice and education in Europe, projects and initiatives for training, research & development (e.g., a summer  course for IPE trainers, and a quality label for interprofessional practice and education), and planning of future conferences.


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